Meet Kyra Downing: 2013 PA Winner

Kyra, PA-C, practices at Glasgow Family Practice in Newark, DE. 

Health Monitor Staff
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Kyra Downing, PA-C

Patient Linda H. shares how this physician assistant made a difference in her life: 

“A breakup with a person I almost married left me sad. I was advised to see a doctor to find out if I had a case of depression. I had been seen by my PA, Kyra Downing, before and felt comfortable in her presence. She diagnosed me with mild depression and put me on medication. After taking the drug for a few days, I started to experience dizziness, which was one of the possible side effects. I went to bed dizzy, woke up dizzy and couldn’t go to work. I again went to see Kyra.

Kyra ran an EKG, then sent me for an ultrasound of the heart because she didn’t like the result of the office EKG. The ultrasound had a clearer, more devastating result. The ultrasound showed a myxoma, a benign tumor in the left atrium of my heart. This tumor was blocking proper blood flow and, if left untreated, would have eventually caused a sudden heart attack.

A few weeks later, I had open heart surgery. The tumor was taken from the wall of my heart. I have been given a second chance. Thank you, Kyra, for being an excellent PA.” —Linda H.

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August 2013