Meet Kelly Goodman: 2013 NP Semifinalist

Kelly, NP, practices in Bethesda, MD.

Health Monitor Staff
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Kelly Goodman
Kelly Goodman, NP

Patient Susan L. shares how this nurse practitioner made a difference in her life: 

“Nurse practitioner by day, superhero by night. This simple sentiment only begins to describe my perceptive, sensitive and highly skilled healthcare provider, Kelly Goodman, NP. Kelly’s knowledge, insight, clinical skills and the ease with which she cares for her patients are all extraordinary. Chronic illness had me searching for answers and pain relief, often from physicians who seemed to have little interest in my suffering.

After relocating, I needed to go to the emergency room one day. I was given contact information to follow up with an NP. I called and promptly scheduled an appointment with Kelly. It was readily apparent that her approach to medicine stood out. She sat and talked with me, listened to me and wanted to gain an understanding of what I had been through. It mattered to her that I wasn’t doing well, and I had her undivided attention.

Kelly has restored the faith in medical care that I lost long ago. Chronic health problems continue, but they are more manageable. Being unwell resulted in weight gain, little physical activity, and blood pressure and cholesterol levels that put me at even greater risk. I had given up. Chest pain and exhaustion had me believing that I was dying. But Kelly has this marvelous talent for explaining things so that they make sense. She seems to accurately assess how she can be most helpful to her patient, and then she follows through. Kelly is the real deal and interacts with her patients not as illnesses or conditions, but as people.

My journey continues, but since May 2012, I have lost 50 lbs, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have both decreased significantly. Kelly is an exceptional advocate and has become my trusted ally. Without reservation I can say that I would not have made the progress I have thus far if it weren’t for her care, commitment and interest. I tell my friends to see her; the sensible ones do just that. They think I’m a genius for finding her. I think Kelly’s a blessing for being who she is and for caring so much about her patients. Results speak volumes.” —Susan L.

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August 2013