Meet Karen Callison: 2015 DE Semifinalist

Karen Callison, BSN, RN, CDE practices at the KSB Center for Diabetes Management in Dixon, IL

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Sharon W. shares how this diabetes educator made a difference in her life:

"When my doctor told my I had diabetes I was devestated. He is a fine physician, but did little to console me as to me future lifestyle or what would lie ahead. My mood changed and my life came back to me after the first meeting with a diabetes educator, Karen. She encouraged that new life was just the beginning and with medicine testing, diet, and excercise programs I would feel brand new. 

Karen visited me in the hospital to introduce a monitor and explain how easy it was to use. She said if I had any questions or problems, day or night, to call her and she would come to my house to help.

In fact, she did make several visits to my house. Her knowledge and support was the feul that ignited my fire. Her passion became my passion, and her belief in change engouraged my to keep with the new way of life!" —Sharon W.

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April 2015