Meet Catherine Luria: 2012 NP Winner

Catherine, MS, ARNP, practices at Harbor Family Health Associates in Gig Harbor, WA.

Health Monitor Staff
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Catherine Luria
Catherine Luria, MS, ARNP

Trula T. shares how this nurse practitioner made a difference in her life:

“Catherine, MS, ARNP, is a good clinician who clearly stays up-to-date and is remarkable for her personal qualities of compassion and genuine care. Catherine gives each of her patients her undivided attention. She speaks with you (not at you) and gives the time required to address a given problem properly.  I have never felt rushed, nor as though she has one eye on the clock. With healthcare today being practiced more in the model of a business, those who retain their humanity and commitment are increasingly rare treasures. 

She has made a significantly positive difference in my life. While I have personally let Catherine know this, I think she deserves a larger acknowledgement for being outstanding and valued for who she is and all that she gives. She is a treasure and a role model who should be emulated.” —Trula Thompson

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August 2013