Meet Brenna Hinchey

Brenna Hinchey, MSN, FNP-C practices at Abingdon Family Practice in Abingdon, VA and at Emory Internal Medicine in Meadowview, VA

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Flora F. shares how this nurse practitioner made a difference in her life:

"I was the victim of massive bilateral pulmonary embolism in my lungs on August 19, 2014. I was sent to see Brenna Hinchey because I was having difficulty breathing and chest pain. I just didn't feel right after I had surgery in June and I knew something was wrong. Immediately she started checking me for blood clots. She sent me to have an MRI and numerous tests and said she would call me with the results.

Before I even got out of Abingdon she called me on her cell phone and told me to go straight back to the hospital because I had blood clots in my lungs. I was immediately admitted to the hospital where I was told that the clots could have been fatal. I am alive today because of Nurse Hinchey being so thrall and knowing exactly what she was looking for. She is a wonderful Nurse Practitioner and takes great care of her patients."— Flora F.

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April 2015