High Triglycerides: 10 Questions to Ask

Finding out that you have high triglycerides means it's time to make some important changes—from increasing the amount of high-fiber foods you eat to reducing the amount of fatty, high-calorie foods in your diet. Also maintain an open and honest dialogue with your doctor; it can go a long way toward helping you successfully manage your treatment. Here are some questions to ask your healthcare provider:

  1. How long after I make positive lifestyle changes can I expect to see my triglyceride levels drop?
  2. How much weight should I lose to make a significant improvement in my health?
  3. How often should I have a lipid panel blood test?
  4. How important is it that I quit smoking, and can you offer me some help in doing so?
  5. How much alcohol is it okay for me to drink?
  6. Should I keep track of my cholesterol levels in addition to my triglyceride levels?
  7. How much exercise will make an impact on my triglyceride levels?
  8. What types of exercise are safe for me?
  9. How often should I get checkups?
  10. Where can I find more information about my condition?