Questions to Ask Your Heart Team

Get answers to these important questions and discuss with your healthcare providers.

Health Monitor Staff
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  1. I am experiencing one or more symptoms of heart valve disease. Which tests can help us find out what the problem is and how serious it is?
  2. What are my treatment options if I have mitral valve disease?   
  3. What are my treatment options if I have aortic stenosis?   
  4. How can we determine which options are best for me?   
  5. If my disease is not serious, how will it be monitored?  
  6. Do I need valve repair or replacement? If so, which one and why?
  7. Will I need open heart surgery or can I undergo a less invasive treatment? 
  8. If I need a valve replacement, do you recommend a man-made valve or one made from animal tissue?   
  9. What are the risks of the treatment you are recommending?
    What happens if I don’t receive treatment?
  10. What lifestyle steps can I take to improve my heart health and recover more quickly from any procedure?
October 2014