Health Tip: Planning Makes Healthy Eating Simpler

Vary your menu to avoid boredom

(HealthDay News) -- Making healthy food choices requires some planning to avoid spontaneous choices -- which may not be so healthy.

The American Heart Association suggests:

  • Create a plan of two-to-four weeks' worth of healthy meals for your family. Include your family's favorite healthier meals, adding new recipes to the rotation as you come across them.
  • Plan your week's menus on the weekends, using the long-term list. Bring the menu with you when you shop.
  • If work weeks are too busy, cook most of your meals on the weekends. Refrigerate or freeze them.
  • Use free time to cut up fresh vegetables. Store them in the refrigerator for healthy snacks that are easy to grab.
Monday, May 2, 2016

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