Tests That Can Safeguard Your Sight

Health Monitor Staff
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Refraction assessment
What it tests: The strength of any prescription you may need to enhance your vision
How it works: You will look into a mask-like device called a phoropter, which holds lenses of various strengths. As you focus on an eye chart, your doctor will flip two lenses into your view and ask if the letters are more or less clear. By repeating this step with different combinations, the doctor can pinpoint the power that gives you the best possible vision. 

Visual field exam
What it tests: Your field of vision. It checks for blind spots due to glaucoma, retinal problems, a stroke or other ailments.
How it works: You’ll cover one eye and stare straight ahead with the other. You may watch a screen as dots of light flash. Usually, you’ll press a button each time you see a dot, enabling a computer to map your field of vision.

Getting the results
After an eye exam, your doctor will go over the findings with you, alert you to any risks and suggest steps to protect your vision. If your current glasses aren’t doing the trick anymore, you’ll get a prescription for new ones. If you need new contacts, you’ll need a contact lens fitting. If other eye problems are detected, your doctor may advise further tests and/or explain treatment options, which may include eyedrops, medication or other therapies.

April 2013