Makeup Tips for Contact Lenses

What to keep in mind when using cosmetics

Health Monitor Staff
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Just because you’re wearing contact lenses doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup. Just follow some basic care guidelines to keep your eyes safe.

Start mascara here
Place the wand a little farther up from the roots of your lashes (or brush just the tips), says makeup artist Joanna Pensinger Ford of New York City. Getting too close to the root could block tear glands, making eyes feel dry. 

And use waterproof mascara so it stays put.

Avoid shimmer shadows.
“They tend to run and can severely irritate your eyes,” explains Ford. Instead, reach for matte powders, which have more staying power. 

Go off-brand with cotton swabs.
Swabs work great to fix unruly eyeliner, notes Los Angeles-based makeup artist Harper (she goes by one name, like Cher!). “But the brand-name ones are too fluffy,” she warns—and that extra fluff can wind up on your contact.

April 2013