Insider Makeup Tips for Dazzling Eyes

Put your best face forward with these tips from a celebrity makeup artist.

Health Monitor Staff
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Wearing glasses doesn't have to hide your beautiful eyes. With these strategies from celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, you can face the world feeling (and seeing) your best! Just find your frame style below.   


Use mascara on top only.
To keep eyes from looking rounder, apply mascara just on the upper lashes, says Barose. This will avoid the appearance of a circle within a circle (i.e., the owl-eye effect!).
Extend liner.
"I like to wing the liner out a bit to extend the eyes and help balance the roundness," notes Barose. But keep the curve of the tail gentle—picture it as almost a straight line. Other tips: Apply liner on the top only and choose softer tones like brown, navy and taupe.
Keep bottom lids bare.
No mascara, no liner, no shadow—nada! This will prevent the look of a closed circle of darkness around your eyes.

Square or oblong
Add extra mascara.
After applying mascara, put a second coat on the top lashes right above the center of the eye. This opens up your eyes so they don't look horizontal under the rectangular glass.
Keep liner soft
. Line eyes in a rich, deep color like plum or bronze. But keep it soft—smudge the line with a cotton swab afterward.
Use matte shadow.
"Anything too shimmery can get magnified and look more sparkly, accentuating your wrinkles," notes Barose. Downplay crow's-feet with matte or just slightly pearly shadow.

Aviator or oversized
Use mascara to lengthen.
These frames are chic but can also look masculine. The fix: Play up your lashes: "Opt for lengthening formulas, but avoid too much volume when applying—that will look clumpy under the lens!" warns Barose.
Opt for shading.
Large frames can create a slight dwarfing effect. To make eyes look bigger: Pick a sheer dark gray, brown or taupe shadow and dust in the crease of your upper lids. This shading helps your eyes to pop by making the fold look deeper.
Look for long-wearing blush.
Large frames can smudge blush when you smile or talk. Opt for a stain or long-wearing powder; avoid cream blush, which can smear.

April 2013