How to Pick the Perfect Frames

Use these tips to find glasses to match your personality.

Health Monitor Staff
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Your specs are the first “prop” everyone notices, so why not choose a style that complements your eyes and your personality? Consider your job, interests and fashion sense, suggests The Vision Council, a trade group for the eyeglass industry. Then pick the style that fits you best!

If your sense of style is...

Look for an understated design
Try thin wire or plastic frames with oval, almond or rectangular lenses. Pick a tone (e.g., gold, brown) that blends with your hair.

Active: Look for a stylish yet sturdy design
Try lightweight plastic frames with a softer shape (oval, upswept rectangle, soft cat-eye). Pick a color (tortoise shell, bronze, plum) that looks good day or night—perfect for on-the-go moms!

Minimalist: Look for a sleek design
Try a streamlined metal frame with a slightly curved rectangular shape, in a gold or gunmetal shade. Rimless frames are also popular now (great if you want a custom-sized lens).

Modern: Look for a geometric design
Try thick plastic frames with a wider nose bridge; for lens shape, look for a larger-sized square or sharp rectangle (think “geek chic”). To balance the bold size, pick a neutral color like black or tortoise shell.

lassic: Look for a timeless design
Try a thinner frame, uplifting shape (upswept rectangle, soft cat-eye) and a lighter, shinier hue. Tinted lenses are great, too. This look is sophisticated and perfect for baby boomers (stay away from dark, dull colors, which can be aging).

Funky: Look for a retro design
Try an oversized cat-eye shape in a translucent or two-toned color. Crystals or metal embellishments can add glamour.

April 2013