Why I Take Insulin

Ronda Keys, who has type 2 diabetes, overcame her fear of taking insulin—and you can, too. Read her story.

Health Monitor Staff
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Today, you would be shocked to hear that Ronda Keys once feared taking insulin to manage her type 2 diabetes. The 40-year-old event planner from Germantown, MD, now uses insulin like a pro.

“I thought I would hate carrying vials around with me everywhere, so I begged my doctor to let me stay on oral meds,” Ronda says. “But I’d wind up skipping my medication for days because I couldn’t deal with the side effects, and then when I’d finally take them again, the side effects would be even worse than before.”

About 4 in 10 Americans with type 2 diabetes do not get adequate blood sugar control from pills alone. And because diabetes and insulin deficiency are progressive, even if oral meds are working fine for you now, your treatment plan may need to be adjusted over time.

“A diabetes educator showed me the ropes”

Ronda’s doctor insisted she go on insulin and a diabetes educator explained the options. The prefilled insulin pens appealed to her the most for their convenience. In no time she was giving herself injections as if she’d been doing it for years.

“The pens are great for when I travel out of the country for my job,” says Ronda. “My doctor told me not to worry and to just keep my prescription with me at all times in case of an emergency.”

Ronda still faces challenges, but now that she’s on insulin, she’s in control and she’s grateful. “If I had it to do all over again, I’d go on insulin immediately!”  

April 2013