How Insulin Makes One Woman Feel in Control of Her Diabetes

Angela Gaskins-Younger tells how insulin helped change her life for the better.

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel
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What happens if I don’t take it?
Your blood sugar levels will rise, possibly leading to complications such as kidney damage, heart disease, vision disorders and stroke.

My doctor recommended insulin for my type 2 diabetes. Does it mean I failed?

Not at all! Diabetes is a progressive disease, and many people with type 2 need insulin at some point. Consider it a way to take control of diabetes instead of letting it control you! Be sure to go over any concerns with your doctor or diabetes educator.

I don’t want to go on insulin. Why should I?
Take some insight from Angela: “Remember that insulin has been on the market for nearly 90 years; it is safe enough to give to pregnant women, children of all ages and dialysis patients,” she says. “Second it’s a natural hormone you are missing or do not have enough of, so there’s no reason to hesitate!”

April 2013