How I Became Unstoppable

Michelle Forst, a busy working mom, stopped letting type 2 diabetes stand in her way and started living life to the fullest. 

Health Monitor Staff
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Allison Tyler Jones Photography, Inc.

One pleasant surprise? “I [found I] could eat more food [without gaining weight]!” Gone were the days of calorie counting—Michelle simply focused on eating reasonable portions of unprocessed foods in small meals throughout the day, and her energy levels began to rise while her blood sugar stabilized. 

Discovering a passion for pumping iron
When she realized that increasing her muscle mass could help improve her blood sugar levels, Michelle decided to try strength training. That included working with weights and doing resistance exercises using her own body weight. “My first goal was to do a push-up,” says Michelle. After mastering those, she focused on pull-ups. Before she knew it, she was hooked on circuit-training sessions (see “What’s circuit training?”). Within weeks, the muscles she never knew she had started becoming sculpted and more defined. She lost a pants size and 9.5% body fat. And best of all, “I have enormous amounts of energy now,” she says. “It’s night and day from how I felt before!”

To keep her goals top of mind, Michelle took progress pictures each month, documented her progress on an online site, and created a scrapbook of healthy recipes and exercises on the virtual pinboard site, Pinterest. 

Developing good habits
In addition to eating right and exercising, Michelle is faithful to her medication regimen and checks her blood sugar frequently, adjusting her carb intake according to the intensity of that day’s workout. She also sees her healthcare team regularly.  “I feel like a fighter, like an athlete and a healthy person!” And when the time comes, she’s confident she’ll be the most active grandma on the block. 

April 2013