How to Beat Blood Sugar Lows

Thanks to the help of her diabetes educator, Erma can outsmart sugar dips all day, every day.

Health Monitor Staff
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The turning point for Erma Marshall was the night she woke up sweaty and shaky and had to lean on the walls just to reach the kitchen. “My blood sugar was so low, I was about to collapse,” the 59-year-old Aurora, CO, resident recalls. “Thank God for walls!” Because it wasn’t a moment she wanted to repeat, Erma turned to her diabetes educator, Jenny Madrid, for help.

Jenny advised Erma to keep a regular soda by her bed: “Eating or drinking something that contains sugar, like 4 oz. of soda, will raise your blood sugar quickly if you start to feel shaky, sweaty or grumpy—signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). You should then follow the rapid-acting snack with a more long-lasting food, such as a sandwich.”

Following Jenny’s advice has given Erma peace of mind—and tools she can use all day, every day, not just for while she’s sleeping. “My sugar once dropped while I was driving, so I now keep cranberry juice in my car with me. I learned that you need to have something with you at all times.” 

April 2013