Your Stories


Your Stories

  • “I Went From Couch Potato to 10K Competitor!"

    Today, Susan Ito runs 5ks, 10ks and half marathons—and credits her type 2 diabetes with motivating her to get into shape! Here’s her story.

  • “I Do Everything I Want to Do"

    Beth Velatini shares strategies for staying one step ahead of her diabetes.

  • Insulin Gave Me a Fighting Chance!

    It took a diabetes diagnosis to get Kevin into the shape of his life.

  • A Positive Spin on Diabetes

    Former Miss Black USA Kalilah Allen-Harris shares how she keeps her body and mind in top shape­—despite diabetes.

  • Diabetes Artist Kisses the Canvas

    Natalie Irish, a Houston artist with diabetes, brings her portraits to life one kiss at a time—the lipstick is her paint and her lips the paintbrush.