You and Your Endocrinologist

What to consider when choosing this partner in your diabetes care.

Susan Amoruso
Reviewed by
Philip Levy, MD
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Is the doctor empathetic?
An A+ in bedside manner is more than an added benefit when it comes to managing your diabetes. In fact, compassion leads to better compliance (meaning you’ll be more likely to stick with treatment and lifestyle modifications), improved health outcomes and even lower healthcare costs, according to numerous studies in the Journal of Family Practice, the Archives of Internal Medicine and elsewhere.

What’s my overall first impression?
Even if you’re satisfied with all of the above answers, you still need to check your gut. Is this the right person for you? Were you comfortable sharing your health history? Did you feel heard? Can you be honest with this person about your health? Would you follow his or her advice? “No person with diabetes is like any other person with diabetes,” says Dr. Whitehouse. “The quality of the soup is in the eating, so each person must decide if the mix of patient and physician is appropriate—whether you find the physician satisfying to interact with and recognize the quality of advice.” 

April 2013