Type 1 Diabetes: 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Health Monitor Staff
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Because having type 1 diabetes can lead to so many other health problems, your relationship with your doctor is very important. It's okay to ask lots of questions about how to best take care of yourself. Here's a list of questions to take to your next appointment:

  1. How can diabetes affect the different areas of my body?
  2. What are the best diabetes treatments for me?
  3. When will I start to feel better?
  4. Who can help me learn more about insulin?
  5. What are my target numbers for my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol?
  6. How can I monitor my condition at home?
  7. What type of information about my condition should I collect at home to share with you?
  8. What type of follow-up tests should I take and how often?
  9. How often should I see you?
  10. If I am not feeling well, what are the signs that it is time to call you or go to the emergency room?