You & Your Health Team

Doctors & Other Providers

  • You & Your Endocrinologist

    What to consider when choosing this partner in your diabetes care.

  • You & Your Diabetes Educator

    Get the facts about diabetes educators, key members of your care team.

  • Getting a Second Opinion on Your Diabetes Care

    Sometimes you just need the reassurance and perspective of a second opinion. Follow these steps.

  • Is it Time for a New Endocrinologist?

    Use this checklist to figure out whether your current endocrinologist is the best fit for you.

Prepping for Your Visit

  • Type 1 Diabetes: 10 Questions to Ask

    It's okay to ask your healthcare provider lots of questions about how to best take care of yourself.

  • Type 2 Diabetes: 10 Questions to Ask

    It's important to develop an open relationship with your healthcare providers so that you get the care you need. Here are some important questions to ask at your next appointment.