Diabetes and Pregnancy

Managing diabetes and pregnancy? Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting and how to stay in control.

Dorothy Foltz-Gray
Reviewed by
Philip Levy, MD
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  • Exercise. Exercise reduces the insulin you need because your body absorbs and uses it more efficiently. Beginning exercisers should walk 30 minutes a day, says Atlas. Seasoned ones can stick to established routines. Be sure to check your blood sugar levels before and after exercise.
  • Tote a diabetes safety kit. Carry a snack and glucose tablets in case your blood sugar level drops. Add a glucagon pen, or syringe, as well. Glucagon is a hormone that causes the liver to release glucose fast if it becomes dangerously low.
  • Visit your medical team often. Your team should include an obstetrician specializing in diabetic pregnancies, an endocrinologist and a dietitian or diabetes educator, says Atlas. You will see your obstetrician often as your pregnancy proceeds, including one to two visits per week from 32 weeks on. A good team can lessen your stress, says Kelly: “Every week, the medical team tweaked my insulin rate. So, I felt I didn’t need to worry.”
April 2013