Type 2 Diabetes: 10 Questions to Ask

Health Monitor Staff
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Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that affects your entire body. It's important to develop an open relationship with your healthcare providers so that you get the full care you need.

Here are some important questions to ask your healthcare team members:

  1. How can diabetes affect different parts of my body?
  2. Where can I learn more about type 2 diabetes?
  3. What are the best diabetes treatments for me?
  4. When will I start to feel better?
  5. What are my target numbers for blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol?
  6. How can I monitor my condition at home?
  7. How often should I see you and what type of follow-up tests will I be given?
  8. What can I do each day to take better care of myself?
  9. What should I be eating?
  10. What are the signs that it is time to call you or go to the emergency room?
April 2013