What's the Right Diabetes Treatment for You?

Health Monitor Staff
Reviewed by
Philip Levy, MD
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Whether you've had diabetes for a long time or have been diagnosed only recently, it's important to discuss a variety of health questions with your doctor during appointments. Here are a few ideas:

  1. What do my test results tell us about my diabetes?
  2. How often should I be checking my blood sugar levels?
  3. What are three or four things I should be doing to change my lifestyle and diet in a way that will be healthy?
  4. What treatments should we consider? I want to learn more about medications like short-acting and long-acting insulin.
  5. What are my options for taking insulin? I want to learn more about using a syringe vs. an insulin pen vs. a pump.
  6. Are my blood pressure and cholesterol levels healthy?
  7. Do my feet look healthy?
  8. When should I make my next appointment to see you?
  9. Can you recommend a diabetes education program or a diabetes educator for me to meet with?
December 2012