Tools & Trackers

Tools & Trackers

Your Diabetes Emergency Kit

Keep these important supplies on hand.

Make Healthy Eating Easier!

Our diabetes-friendly shopping list.

Diabetes Travel Checklist

Use our list to ensure safe travels.

Blood Sugar Quiz

Are you savvy about blood sugar?

Glucose Meters

How to choose one that’s right for you

Master Portion Control

Use our easy chart to get started.

Log Your Daily Activity

This exercise tracker makes it easy.

Chart Your Day

Easily manage each day with this chart.

Your Low Blood Sugar Action Plan

Get to the bottom of your hypoglycemia.

Do You Know Your Diabetes Options?

Read our top 9 questions.

Your Glucose Tracker

Keep an eye on your blood sugar levels.

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Control glucose levels with our walking plan.

For The Record

Record your notes at your doctor's visit.

History Shouldn't Repeat Itself

Detail your family medical history.