Techie Tools That Help You Manage Diabetes

You don’t have to be a geek to use the latest technology to manage your diabetes. Here, the newest software, websites and apps that can help you!

Beth Shapouri
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You don't have to manage your diabetes alone. These apps, calculators, sites and trackers can help.

Blood sugar trackers and food logs
The biggest category for diabetes-specific software, sites and apps is tracker programs that help you monitor your blood sugar levels, time of injection, insulin units, exercise and symptoms. Doctors and diabetes educators love these programs because they help you determine what works and help you manage your symptoms. And because they’re so popular, these applications are usually the first that show up when you search “diabetes.” Try Vree for Diabetes for iPhone, Diabetes Log or bookmark online logs.

Meal planners
These apps and sites help you determine the glycemic load of any recipe or food, making planning your day—your insulin injections and what food choices to make—go smoother. Just look up the food and the apps will break it down into carbs, protein and fat content. Try downloading GoMeals for iPhone, bookmarking sites like My Food Advisor (the journal from the American Diabetes Association) at or signing up for subscriptions like SugarStats (

A1C trackers
Unlike testing your blood sugar, which tells you only what your levels are at that moment, an A1C test shows your average blood sugar over a six- to 12-week period. And now, apps are making hitting your A1C goals easier than ever by providing daily targets for glucose levels to help achieve an ideal A1C result. You can also track your results to see how their diabetes is progressing. Look for the A1C Calculator for Android or the A1C Converter app for iPhone.

Restaurant finders
These websites make it a cinch to find a spot to eat with healthful dishes. You can look up the nutritional information for different menu items before you leave, so you know that what you’re ordering fits into a healthy diet plan (or, if you’re planning to indulge, you’ll at least know how “good” you’ll have to be the rest of the day to make up the difference). Check out GlucoMenu or, which list the nutritional info for menu items at restaurants and chains nationwide.

Diabetes education
For those who are recently diagnosed, having info at their fingertips can be crucial—and smartphone apps do just that, covering basics, symptoms of high or low glucose and handling low blood sugar emergencies. Some will even help you locate the nearest emergency room. To try one, search for “diabetic coach” for the iPhone.

April 2013