Take Charge of Your Blood Sugar

Five simple steps to control your blood sugar levels and better manage your diabetes today.

Health Monitor Staff
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  1. Chill out during holiday travels
    Heading to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving but not sure how to transport medical supplies that need to be refrigerated? Save luggage space by opting for a portable cooling wallet. The insulated panels maintain the temperature of your insulin, and the compactness makes it easy to carry along with your other travel necessities. Just make sure you have a doctor’s note if you plan on taking insulin with you in your carry-on bag.
  2. Curb mid-morning hunger
    Stomach growling an hour after breakfast? To feel full until lunchtime, try sprinkling wheat germ on your cereal or yogurt. Wheat germ is packed with fiber and protein, a combo that not only helps you stay full, but also keeps blood sugar levels stable. Bonus Wheat germ is also a rich source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and a whole host of healthy B vitamins!
  3. Get back-on-track trick
    If meter readings have been catching you by surprise, try reining in your blood sugar by eating similar meals for a few days in a row. It will help you get back in touch with how your body responds to certain foods.
  4. Go on a smarter shopping spree
    Buying new duds? Opt for non-binding waists and sleeves. Choose boxers over briefs. Pick socks that don’t dig into your calves or ankles. Wearing clothing that doesn’t bind and squeeze helps keep your circulation flowing freely.
  5. Don’t let a pump cramp your style
    Hate wearing dresses or skirts because your pump’s sticking out? Try placing it near your hip bone and tucking it into the top of control-top hose or underwear. The wide elastic band will hold it in place, while simultaneously creating the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.
April 2013