Feel Great, Look Amazing With Diabetes

Makeover tricks from Divabetic, an organization that believes taking care of your outside appearance means you’ll be more inspired to take better care of your whole self!

Health Monitor Staff
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After watching his then-boss struggle with his diabetes, Max Szadek sprang into action, setting up an organization called Divabetic with the motto “Glam More, Fear Less.” The goal? To help people living with the disease feel better about themselves by treating them to chic head-to-toe makeovers, which they then show off in a fun, lively runway show!

It’s just the self-esteem boost lots of people with diabetes can use. Says Max: “If you’ve tried dieting and haven’t been successful, you feel like you’ve failed. And then there’s a domino effect in how you manage your diabetes.

“On the flipside, if you take pride in your appearance, you begin to be less fearful and take ownership of your health.” Here, tips that can help all “Divas” lift their spirits—and empower them to take control of their lives!

Dress for your body type. If you’re...

An hourglass
Your shape is curvy, hips and bust about the same width and your waist is at least 9 inches smaller around than your hips.
How to dress
Downplay an ample bust with soft, non-clingy fabric and dark tops. Look for flowing, slimming styles. Use vertical lines and princess seams (long, rounded seams that follow a woman’s shape) to elongate. 

A triangle
Your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders and your bustline (described as pear-shaped).
How to dress
Draw attention up from ample hips with pattern and color on top. On bottom, wear darker colors and flared, rather than fitted skirts (which can pull across the hips and make you appear bigger). 

An inverted triangle
Your shoulders and upper back are broad and the bottom half of your body narrower (the classic swimmer’s body).
How to dress
Look for slim-fitting tops—and avoid clothing that adds bulk on top, like ruffles. Avoid tapered pants, which create a lack of balance on your naturally tapered body type. Opt for bootcut and other wider cuts. 

A rectangle
You’re straight up and down with a small bust and no waist definition.
How to dress
Emphasize thighs and legs while creating a feminine feel with flowy fabrics. Stay away from belts (which just draw attention to a wide middle) and instead look for vertical seams that create a gentler curve in your midsection. 

An oval
You’re wider through your torso with an overall rounded shape.
How to dress
Keep attention on your legs with fun patterns and flirty skirts that draw the eye below the waist. Also look for V-necks and tapered tunics, which elongate (and slim!) your body.

A diamond
You have narrow shoulders and a small bust. Your weight is distributed throughout the waist area—and you have a flat booty.
How to dress
Balance narrow shoulders with pads! They’re slimming as ever, says Divabetic Image and Style Adviser Catherine Schuller. Make sure tops taper in at the bust-line to avoid the “maternity look.”

April 2013