Conquering Diabetes Challenges

Control portions, remember meds, prevent snack attacks and more.

Amy Capetta
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Diabetes challenge: missing favorite foods
Noreen Campbell of Broken Arrow, OK, substitutes fat-free chicken or veggie broth in place of high-sodium bouillon cubes. “And the low- or no-sugar versions of things are no-brainers—most of the time you can’t tell the difference in taste at all,” she adds.
Expert tip:
“Learning to substitute is an important skill for someone with diabetes,” says Dr. Hatipoglu. “It will bring you closer to a healthier life.”

Diabetes challenge: keeping medications stocked
“I’m super-busy like most people, so I use my smartphone’s calendar to keep me on track with my meds,” explains Noreen.
Expert tip: “If you don’t have a smart phone, use a desk calendar to write down reminders,” suggests Dr. Hatipoglu.

Diabetes challenge: soda cravings

“When I find myself reaching for cola, I’ll slice up something colorful—like berries or kiwi or cucumbers—and add it to water,” says Noreen. “It’s sweet, refreshing, looks beautiful and hydrates you!”
Expert tip:
“Using fruit or veggies in water is a great trick to add flavor,” says Dunbar. “Any fruit will work. It will provide a refreshing lift without spiking blood sugar.”

April 2013