9 Diabetes-Friendly Stress Busters to Try Today

Is stress interfering with your diabetes management? Here are a few simple things you can do today to chill out and better control your condition.

Susan Amoruso

Have more sex
In addition to being a good diversion from our worries, sex has been shown to positively affect our ability to manage stress. One study showed that participants who had recently had intercourse tended to have either a lower baseline blood pressure, less of a rise in blood pressure during stressful events or both.

Exercise your funny bone
Fretting about counting carbs or managing medication side effects? Pop in a funny flick, or check out some comedians on YouTube. According to researchers at Loma Linda University in California, even the mere anticipation of a humorous event can help reduce your body’s stress hormones.

Bask in the light
Increasing your exposure to light—whether outdoors or indoors—has been shown to enhance your well-being and boost your mood. Try squeezing in 20 minutes of sunlight on most days of the week. Can’t manage to go outdoors? Consider investing in an indoor light box that provides full-spectrum light, which mimics the effects of sunshine.

Escape with entertainment
There’s nothing wrong with taking a time-out from daily life and pushing your stressors aside. Let it all go, and lose yourself and your worries in a good book, movie or TV show. 

April 2013