8 Ways to Say Goodbye to “Diabetes Guilt”

A common reaction to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis is, “I brought this on myself.” Sound familiar? Try these simple steps to help you fend off guilt.

Diana Bierman
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Try something new. “Doing something different and interesting takes the mind away from the guilt,” says Weiner. So go ahead, get a massage, take a dance lesson, sign up for a knitting class—anything to distract your brain.

Pat yourself on the back. One way to do this: Celebrate your successes. “For example, if you’ve never cooked before and you start to prepare simple meals, talk about that fantastic achievement,” Weiner says. Embrace your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. A victory is a victory, isn’t it?

Take charge of your health. The better you manage your type 2 diabetes, the better you’ll feel. So keep your condition under control by monitoring your glucose levels, taking your insulin on time, getting adequate sleep and exercising daily. Speak with your healthcare professional about the best ways to manage your condition.

April 2013