30-Second Health Fixes

Sometimes it’s the small steps that make the biggest impact on your physical and emotional health. What are you waiting for? Read on for some quick and simple ways to feel better today!

Health Monitor Staff
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Do the finger-stick trick
Can’t seem to get enough blood when testing? Try the palm of your hand or just below the thumb and fifth finger.

Grab an apple
Pectin, a type of soluble fiber found in apples, helps stall the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Apples are a good source of quercetin, a flavonoid that helps slow the breakdown of food into sugar. Don’t skip the skin: That’s where most of the quercetin is concentrated.

Think positive
The right attitude is everything when it comes to self-care. In fact, optimism has been linked to numerous health benefits, including increased lifespan, reduced risk of depression and improved coping skills during times of stress.

Practice portion control
Separate a box of sugar-free cookies and into smaller containers or bags. That way you’ll only eat a serving’s worth.

Don’t miss a dose
First thing in the morning, fill the syringes you’ll need for the day. This will help you know for sure whether you took a particular dose.

Boost energy instantly
Keep a bowl of peppermints on your desk. The scent decreases fatigue.

Make peace on your plate
Imagining the peace symbol, fill one of the smaller bottom sections with protein (a card deck’s worth of meat or fish), and the other with carbs (about 2/3 of a cup, preferably of a whole grain or other complex carb). Use the larger sections for salad and vegetables (drizzle with fat-free dressing or olive oil and lemon).

Sniff away stress
Grab an orange or pick up a container of rosemary and sniff. Both scents help calm nerves.

Pat yourself on the back
It’s easy to slip up with diet or exercise, especially in the beginning. Don’t waste your energy by beating yourself up. Praise yourself for starting to take control of your health.

June 2012