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  • Holiday Travel and Diabetes

    Traveling with diabetes this holiday season? Follow these travel tips to keep your blood sugar and your stress levels in check.

  • Travel Safety and Diabetes

    Tips for traveling with supplies, managing blood sugar and more.

  • Diabetes on Your Wedding Day

    The tips that no bride with diabetes should be without.

  • 7 Diabetes Challenges—and 7 Solutions

    Get simple solutions to some of the toughest issues you might face while managing diabetes.

  • Control Carbs on Vacation

    Simple tricks to help you eat smart with diabetes.

Your Emotions

  • 8 Ways to Cope With Your Emotions

    Don’t let the news of your type 2 diabetes diagnosis throw you for a loop. Here’s how to manage your emotions and take control.

  • 8 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

    Put the fork down! Don’t let emotional eating interfere with your diabetes management. These tips will help curb your cravings.

  • Overcoming the Emotions Diabetes Can Bring

    Diabetes can bring unexpected feelings. Here are the best ways to cope.

  • Honesty: A Diabetes-Friendly Policy

    Here’s how being open about diabetes helped real-life folks like you.

  • 9 Diabetes-Friendly Stress Busters to Try Today

    Is stress interfering with your diabetes management? Try one of these simple tension-tamers today. 

Your Sex Life

  • Keeping Your Sex Life Alive With Diabetes

    Diabetes doesn’t have to dim your sex life. Learn to recapture your confidence, reconnect with your partner and reignite your passion. 

  • “We Were Too Young to Give Up Our Sex Life”

    When Tom Waters’ diabetes led to erectile dysfunction, it almost cost him his marriage. Here’s how he and his wife got their chemistry back.

  • Men, Sex and Diabetes

    Many men avoid discussing their sex lives with their doctors, but the low testosterone-diabetes link may make this conversation necessary.

Your Relationships

  • How Your Friends Can Help You Stick to a Healthy Diabetes Diet

    When you’re living with diabetes, staying social can sometimes knock you off a healthy track. Help your friends help you manage diabetes.

  • Help for Your Relationship Challenges When You Have Diabetes

    Relationship experts help you navigate sticky situations you may encounter while living with diabetes.

  • “Diabetes and Parenting? Here’s How We Do It!”

    We asked parents for solutions to manage their condition—and their children.

  • Deal With the Diabetes Police

    How to get more help with fewer hassles.

  • Are You a Healthy Role Model?

    Getting your kids to eat right and exercise often depends on your own actions. Make diabetes prevention a family affair by becoming a healthy role model.