How Your Friends Can Help You Stick to a Healthy Diabetes Diet

When you’re living with diabetes, staying social can sometimes knock you off a healthy track. Help your friends help you manage diabetes.

Erica Patino
Reviewed by
Philip Levy, MD
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Movie nights: It’s no surprise that most movie-theater foods are unhealthy, but not all snacks are off-limits. Sherr says no-salt soft pretzels are healthier than buttery popcorn or sweets, and splitting a box of candy with a friend works, too. “Just look on the nutrition label, and limit yourself to one serving size,” she says.

Birthday parties and weddings: You don’t have to skip that birthday or wedding cake entirely—just opt for a small slice. Also, think about your meal as a whole, and decide what you’d like to enjoy most. If, for example, you want to eat dessert at the end of a meal, skip the bread so you don’t eat too many carbs, Sherr suggests. To stick to a good diabetes diet at a house party, ask the host what will be served, or offer to bring a healthy dish everyone can enjoy.

If you do overindulge at a gathering, don’t be hard on yourself. Just return to a healthy diabetes diet after the event. “If you do overeat,” says Sherr, “know that you can get back on track the next day.”

April 2013