How to Stick With an Exercise Routine for Diabetes

The more active you are, the easier it will be to manage your diabetes. Try these tips to boost your motivation and stick with your exercise routine.

Susan Amoruso
Reviewed by
Philip Levy, MD
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Give yourself some flexibility
Plotting your workout schedule can help you stick to your routine, but don’t be too rigid. Designate three or four time slots a week, and be willing to shuffle your schedule, if, say, you don’t feel well or are faced with an unexpected work event.

Dress the part 
Toss on your workout clothes and lace up those sneakers. Even if you don’t have a gym date, your attire may encourage you to pick up your pace around the house or maybe even take a walk around the track before hitting the supermarket.

Think small
Did you hit the gym twice this week? Did you take the stairs every day? Set small achievable goals, and treat yourself with nonfood rewards, such as a pair of new sneakers or a spa treatment. You don’t have to lose 10 pounds to be proud of yourself. Every step toward staying healthy is something to take pride in!

Make a date
Whether you plan a morning walk with a neighbor or sign up for spin class at the gym, setting an appointment will hold you more accountable and help you stick with your fitness plan.

Be honest with yourself
What’s your go-to excuse for not exercising? Are you too tired to get out of bed in the morning? Sign up for a class after work. Do you feel guilty about spending time away from the kids? Take a family hike. Are you bored with the elliptical? Mix it up with some strength training. Once you identify your pitfalls, it’s easy to figure out how to adjust your schedule and combat these excuses. 

October 2013