Are You Struggling With Your Weight?

A healthy weight is key to good diabetes management. Here's how to work with your healthcare provider to drop those pounds—and keep them off!

Health Monitor Staff

Shedding excess pounds can be hard, but it’s particularly worrisome for someone with diabetes, since weight gain can make it harder to control blood sugar. The reassuring news? Losing just 10 pounds can make a difference! Get started today by discussing these topics with your healthcare provider:

While avoiding weight gain is an important part of your diabetes management plan, it’s equally important to eat healthy food and avoid “quick fix” diets, which studies show are not sustainable and not necessarily healthy for folks with diabetes.

Ask: What’s the best eating plan for me to follow? Should I attend nutrition classes or see a diabetes educator?

Physical activity.
Moving more in general is important regardless of your weight-loss goals. Studies show exercise lowers blood sugar and improves your body’s ability to use insulin. The American Diabetes Association recommends a mix of aerobic exercise, such as walking and biking, and strength training two to three times a week.

Ask: What exercise regimen do you recommend I follow? Would I benefit from seeing an exercise specialist or trainer?

Although you may be exercising and watching what you eat, it’s not uncommon to gain weight while taking certain diabetes medications, confirms a study in Diabetes Care. However, never stop or change the dose of your medication without talking with your healthcare provider!

Ask: Could my current diabetes medication cause weight gain or low blood sugar?

January 2014