Food & Fitness: Diabetes

Meal Planning

  • Better Breakfasts for Diabetes

    Managing your diabetes is easier when you start your day with these breakfast foods.

  • Diabetes-Friendly Lunches

    No-fuss meal ideas that will keep your blood sugar in check.

  • Delicious Dinners for Diabetes

    Eating a large, carb-heavy dinner can drive up blood sugar if you have diabetes. Try these easy tips for diabetes-friendly dinners.

  • 4 Superfruits for Diabetes

    Filling up on these fruits can help you manage your diabetes. 

  • The Scoop on Sweeteners

    Here’s how to choose one that’s right for you.


  • How to Stick With Exercise

    Boost your motivation and get moving today.

  • Avoid Low Blood Sugar During Exercise

    People with type 1 diabetes are at greater risk for hypoglycemia when exercising. These tips can help you manage blood sugar lows when working out.

  • Easy Exercises to Improve Your Blood Sugar

    These easy moves take just minutes a day and your body will become more sensitive to insulin, which helps the hormone do its job better.

  • Pick Up Weights For Better Blood Sugar Control

    These strength-training exercises build muscle and help your body use blood sugar more efficiently, making controlling your diabetes easier than ever.

  • Getting Serious About Diabetes

    Jill's type 2 diabetes diagnosis helped her turn her life around. Find out how she did it.

Weight Management

  • On Insulin? You Can Keep Your Weight in Check!

    When it comes to reining in high blood sugar, insulin is a magic bullet. But there can be a downside: weight gain. Read on to find out how to keep the pounds at bay and reap all the benefits insulin has to offer!

  • Are You Struggling With Your Weight?

    A healthy weight is key to good diabetes management. Here's how to work with your healthcare provider to drop those extra pounds—and keep them off!

  • Is Weight-Loss Surgery for You?

    Find out the pros and cons of weight-loss surgery—gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric banding—for people with type 2 diabetes.

  • Sneaky Weight-Loss Saboteurs

    If you’re not losing weight, one of these reasons could be to blame.

  • 8 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

    Put the fork down! Don’t let emotional eating interfere with your diabetes management. These tips will help curb your cravings.