Maria Menounos: Is Confusion Foiling Your Diabetes Care?

Misunderstandings wreaked havoc for the father of Access Hollywood host Maria Menounos—and almost cost him his life.

Bonnie Siegler
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Know what you can eat.
Costas thought he was doing a good thing by eliminating carbs. “Even when he was having a low blood sugar attack, he’d refuse to drink juice to bring up his levels,” says Maria. Yet cutting carbs altogether can lead to a drop in blood sugar that can cause dizziness (something that happened to Costas when he was behind the wheel!), coma and even death. And shunning carbs means you also miss out on healthy whole grains. Even sweets can be part of a diabetes-friendly eating and exercise plan—you don’t have to stick to candies labeled sugar-free or diabetic—but do watch the carbs.

Learn the “hows” and “whys.”
Knowing how a medication works and why it’s been prescribed for you can encourage you to stay with your plan. So can understanding why it’s important to monitor your glucose levels and follow any other instructions. 

April 2013