“Diabetes Is My Success Secret!”

Beauty and the Beast star Austin Basis says diabetes taught him how to persevere. Find out how he manages his condition—and keeps the comic relief coming.

Gina Roberts-Grey
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Photo credit: Vince Trupsin
Keep moving.
Long days on the set make it tough for Austin to exercise. But that doesn’t stop him from being active. “I prefer competitive sports,” says Austin, who has played basketball in adult leagues. He also enjoys playing racquetball at the gym and aerobic activities.

“I’m not a fan of lifting weights, but my wife and I invested in a type of combative workout class that’s a form of martial arts at the gym.” Once or twice a week, Austin also hikes in the Hollywood Hills.

Help those around you understand.
Austin’s immediate family and close friends have all been educated to spot warning signs, like unusual irritability, that his blood sugar might be low. “My parents, brother, wife and close friends all know how to deal with a bout of low blood sugar,” says Austin. “That includes getting me to check my blood sugar, and making sure I have food or drink on hand to get things back on an even keel.” 

April 2013