Alec Baldwin’s War on Sugar

Find out how the 30 Rock star fought back—losing 30 pounds—after his pre-diabetes diagnosis. 

Maria Lissandrello
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Reaping the benefits of yoga
Serendipity has played a role in helping him stay committed—Hilaria is a yoga instructor, so she not only supports her new husband’s eating plan but his fitness plan, too. “He’s looking great! Alec and I still like our dinners, even though he’s lost a lot of weight. But yoga has really changed him. Before we met, he used to do what he calls ‘middle-aged white-man yoga.’”

Besides refining his yoga practice, he’s added Pilates and spin to his regimen. “When we were shooting and I couldn't work out, I just ate less.”

Adds Hilaria, “Elements of yoga have helped, but it’s mostly nutrition and an overall lifestyle change. We stock up on healthy fare now.”

There’s just one downside to Alec’s health makeover: Now that his diabetes worries have been cast aside, he’s had to shift his attention to a new concern: “I’ve lost so much weight that the problem is none of my clothes fit me. If you put your hands in your pockets, your pants come down!” 

April 2013