Celebrity Stories

Celebrity Stories

  • “Diabetes has given me a better life”

    Charmed actor Dorian Gregory reveals how diabetes has made him healthier and happier.

  • "I Have No Limitations!"

    Biggest Loser alum Ruben Studdard has lost 120 lbs and embraced a lifestyle that’s put the brakes on type 2 diabetes—and him in the driver’s seat!

  • Rufus Dorsey’s DForce for Life Diabetes Strategy

    When type 2 diabetes caught actor Rufus Dorsey by surprise, he vowed to control the disease—rather than let it control him!

  • Balancing Blood Sugar on Set

    Derek Theler of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy on living with diabetes.

  • Anne Rice’s Biggest Motivator: A Surprise Diabetes Diagnosis

    Best-selling author of Interview with the Vampire lost 100-plus pounds and gained a new lease on life, thanks to diabetes.