Diabetes Prevention: Are You a Healthy Role Model?

Getting your kids to eat right and exercise often depends on your own actions. Make diabetes prevention a family affair by becoming a healthy role model.

Susan Amoruso
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Make activity normal. Don’t call it exercise . . . just make it a natural part of your day to, say, walk to the grocery store instead of automatically hopping into the car, take the stairs instead of opting for the elevator, or keep dance tunes playing while prepping dinner to encourage little kitchen helpers to sway to the beat. Play tag, Twister, Simon Says or musical chairs. The goal is for the gang to spend more time on their feet and less time on their rears (unless they’re riding a bike!). Just 20 minutes of daily exercise can protect kids from diabetes, according to a study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). You’ll all benefit—and, hey, it can be plain fun!

April 2012