Carb Counting for Diabetes Caregivers

Monitoring carbs is an essential part of planning a healthy diabetes diet. Here’s what diabetes caregivers need to know.

Amy Solomon
Reviewed by
Philip Levy, MD
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Dish out carbs wisely. Although some carb choices are better than others, Ross says “it’s all about how much you eat and how often you eat it—one scoop of ice cream instead of three.” When planning your loved one’s meals and snacks, then, it’s a good idea to favor carbs that give the most “bang for the buck”—higher-fiber, lower-sugar options, such as whole-grain pasta and brown rice.

Remember, counting carbs shouldn't take the pleasure out of mealtime for your loved one, says Ross. "Food is an important part of life, and so is figuring out how to fit in favorite foods and still enjoy life." Bringing your know-how to the table, will help make dining less of a hassle and more healthful.

April 2013