6 Quick Pick-Me-Ups for Diabetes Caregivers

Caring for someone with type 2 diabetes? Need a quick fix and no time for an hour-long massage or trip to the theater? No problem! Read on for some easy ways to find fast relief.

Diana Bierman
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  1. Relax to a remix. The power of music has been shown to significantly calm stress, foster a sense of control, slow your breathing and heart rate and offer you peace of mind (even when you feel as if you’ve lost yours!). Keep serene genres, like classical, which a University of San Diego study says can help lower blood pressure, on repeat when doing chores, like laundry or cleaning. No music handy? Hum a little tune. This easy stress-buster can help distract your brain from problems.
  2. Mellow your mind. Need a mental escape after a long day? Try this psychologist-tested technique: Close your eyes and picture yourself walking through a field and spotting a big red hot-air balloon. Then imagine yourself putting all your worries into the basket attached to the balloon. Release the balloon and watch the basket—and your stress—sail away.
April 2013