“We’re in This Together”

Claire and Erin—mother and daughter—harness the healing power of love to fight their cancers.

Health Monitor Staff
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And when she couldn’t stop crying for fear of leaving her children, Erin talked to a counselor at the cancer center, who gave her some very good advice. “She said, ‘Go buy two really cool notebooks. And in each, write down your hopes for Gavin and Landon—and tell them the stories you want them to know.’” At first reluctant—it seemed somehow like giving up—Erin went with it. “She told me, ‘Fifteen years down the road you can say to your sons, Hey, look what I wrote when I was going through cancer treatment.’ Although I cried all the while I was writing, it made me feel so much better.”

And every day—whether it’s simply being there for each other or taking care of the boys—Erin and Claire move through their treatment, fighting cancer and learning how precious a gift they’ve been given. Not just on Mother’s Day, but year-round.

May 2014