Sarah’s Stay-Healthy Secrets

Actress Sarah Chalke is as passionate about wellness as the doctor she played on Scrubs. Here’s how she stays fit and keeps flu at bay.

Deborah Pike Olsen
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Fit exercise into your life.
“I try to do something active every day,” says Sarah. “After a long day at work, I’ll go on a hike or a bike ride with my son.” She also enjoys yoga.

Change up your fitness routine.
“I get bored if I go to the gym every day, so I’ll switch things up,” says Sarah. “If I take a hike one day, I might go to a yoga class the next day. That way, I don’t get in a rut.”

Protect your skin.
“I wear sunscreen every day,” says Sarah.

Find ways to relax.
“I just started meditating this year,” says Sarah, who sets aside 20 minutes a day to do so. “I found it helps quiet your mind. It even helps me sleep better.” One of her favorite activities, however, is spending time with her preschool son. “Children this age are completely present in whatever they’re doing,” she says. “Spending time with them helps you be present as well.”

Schedule shut-eye.
“Getting enough sleep is a game-changer,” says Sarah. “I try to get eight hours a night.” Whenever she feels sleep-deprived, she’ll grab a 20-minute power nap. “It makes a huge difference,” she says.   

April 2013