Are your bones at risk for fracture?

Check any of the below statements that apply to you.

Health Monitor Staff
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__ I have cancer of the breast, prostate, kidney, lung or thyroid. These cancers are more likely to spread to the bone—i.e., cause bone metastasis, which makes bones vulnerable to breaks.

__ I have been noticing certain symptoms. Constant dull bone aches with intermittent sharp pain are often the first symptom of bone metastasis. Other signs include numbness, tingling and/or weakness
in the abdomen or legs.

__ I am using hormone therapy to control my cancer. Medications that deplete estrogen in women (such as aromatase inhibitors) can lead to bone loss and, occasionally, to fractures, especially if you have low bone mineral density before starting treatment with these therapies.

If you checked even one statement, your bones may be in jeopardy.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Report all symptoms to your healthcare provider. Be sure to keep your doctor in the loop if you experience any of the symptoms listed above, or if you notice any changes in existing symptoms.
  • Ask about what you can do to promote healthy bones. Your doctor may suggest supplemental calcium and vitamin D, not smoking, limiting alcohol and getting regular exercise.
  • Ask about bone-mineral density testing. Your physician may want to schedule regular DXA scans to monitor bone loss.
November 2014