Breast Cancer: Preparing for Surgery

Health Monitor Staff

A few days before

Stock your fridge: Fill it with healthy foods including a mix of fruits, vegetables and protein-rich items like almonds, peanuts and cheese. For times when you feel nauseous, have some bland foods on hand like yogurt and hardboiled eggs. Also stock up on with natural laxatives (to fight constipation associated with pain meds) like prunes and dried fruit.

Fill up your medicine cabinet: Keep items like gauze bandages, antibiotic ointment and bandage tape on hand. You’ll also want to have some laxatives to combat constipation, a side effect of many pain-relieving medications.

The day before

Follow your instruction sheet: You will likely need to stop eating eight to 12 hours before surgery.

Prepare for a good night’s rest: For example, take a warm bath, ask your partner for a backrub, watch some light entertainment, put on some soothing music. If you think you may need it, ask your surgeon to prescribe a medication that can help you sleep.

May 2013