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In order to stick to your prescribed chemo schedule, you must keep track of all your appointments - and creating a chemo calendar is a great way to do this. To access a calendar that you can personalize, see the links below for your options. You can either choose to print a calendar to mark up freely, or download an electronic version that you can use right on your desktop. Both provide an easy-to-use way of staying on schedule and keeping up with your treatment.

A calendar can help you keep track of:

  1. Chemo treatment days
  2. Chemo logistics, such as arranging rides to and from treatment
  3. Doctor appointments
  4. Blood tests rest days
  5. Days when you are most prone to infection
  6. Celebration days (family occasions, the day you reach the halfway point of chemo)
  7. Non-chemo related appointments.

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January 2019