Breast Cancer Resources

Health Monitor Staff
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Someone With
Leads you to the best products during and after treatment.

Wigs and Makeup

Look Good...Feel Better
Dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer Fund of America, Inc.
Provides toiletries and other everyday products.

Chemo Angels
Small gifts to people undergoing chemo.

Corporate Angel Network
Provides free plane transportation for people going to and from certain recognized cancer treatment centers.

Good Wishes
Provides free scarves and head wraps.

Hats Off to Chemo
Click on “Request a Heat.” Pick your style, then send a hat to yourself.

Heavenly Hats
Collects and distributes new hats to people who lose their hair due to cancer treatments.

The Lydia Project
Provides handmade tote bags, encouraging notes and prayers to women with cancer.

Reid Sleeve
Peninsula Medical will send a medical alert bracelet to people with or at risk of lymphedema. Click on “Free LE Alertband.”

June 2013