Breast Cancer Resources

Health Monitor Staff
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Savings and Financial Assistance 

American Cancer Society
For various types of financial help, search for "financial guidance for cancer survivors and their families."

The Breast Cancer Charities of America
Dedicated to ending breast cancer as a life-threatening illness.

Offers assistance and resources for cancer-related costs.

Cancer Care Copay
Helps defray chemotherapy copays and cost of targeted treatment drugs.

Fifth Season Financial
Fifth Season Financial provides loans to people living with advanced cancer, secured solely by the face value of their life insurance policy. The goal of our “Loans for Living” program is to provide individuals access to discretionary cash, currently locked up in their life insurance policy, while preserving a portion of the policy benefit for the insured’s beneficiaries. When one is living with advanced cancer a full set of emotional, medical, and financial stresses arise. To ensure the best medical options available and for the patient’s personal well-being, it is vital to gain financial stability and quality of life. Fifth Season Financial is in your corner to help.

Money Management International
A full-service credit counseling agency.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Helps in getting prescription drugs, even if you don’t have coverage.

Patient Advocate Foundation
Serves as a liaison between the patient and insurer or creditors to resolve insurance and debt crisis matters.

Scott Hamilton Cares
Help with chemo medications and treatment.

Sisters Network
This African American breast cancer survivorship organization has outreach initiatives that promote the importance of breast health.

Survivorship A to Z
Provides practical, financial and legal information after a life-changing diagnosis.

Women's Cancer Network
Offers patient support, education and information about new treatment options.

June 2013